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Photo Credit: Corals of the World (Veron, 2002)
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is is the place to buy, sell, and trade propagated coral fragments for reef aquariums. Our mission is to foster an environment accessible by anyone around the world to buy, sell, and trade propagated coral fragments, while at the same time increasing the understanding that aquaculturing corals is important for preserving coral reefs. 2. Who developed and maintains was developed and is maintained by hobbyists in the reef keeping community. 3. How much does this service cost? is completely free for everyone and provided as a community service. 4. Why should commercial and individual coral propagators participate? offers a number of benefits to commercial and individual coral propagators. The three biggest benefits are: (1) increased awareness and distribution for your frags; (2) easy ways to publish and maintain your frag inventory; and (3) we host your frag images for free. Read more at About this Service. We hope to see your frags on! 5. Does handle the sales transaction for me? does not handle any transactions for you. Your email and/or phone information is provided to any Member interested in your frags. Members can also directly access your website from 6. Why should hobbyists participate?
The world's reefs are quickly degenerating. We are sold creatures which are removed from their habitats for resale to us. In this day and age we are more than able to remove the wild caught specimen from wholesaler and local tanks and replace it with captively farmed animals raised specifically for the marine aquarist. Use to locate the corals you want. Propagate your own corals for others to enjoy. Save a reef... frag your corals! Read more at About this Service.7. Is there a User Agreement and Terms of Use for
The guys with the suits suggested we publish a User Agreement and Terms of Use page. Please be sure you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. 8. How do I link to my frag listings at from my own website?
Within the "Manage Your Account" section of the site, you will see a link entitled "Linking to Your Frags". Click there to learn how to insert a button on your website that links either directly to your Member Profile or to the homepage. You must be registered and logged in to access this area. 9. I have a great idea for new services that should be added to How do I send suggestions?
We love suggestions! Email us at 10. I run a well-trafficked online reefing community and would love to add's functionality to my site. Can this be done? has a Partner Program that enables sites like yours to offer this service in a rebranded fashion to your audience. Please contact us at to learn about the program's details.
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